I will not look at this Rudolf Sacký - painting and graphic art / biography

He was born in 1947 in Frýdek-Místek, Czechoslo-vakia. He graduated from a secondary school of applied art in Uherské Hradiště (1962-1966) with specialisation in applied and promotional art work, led by masters Kořínek (graphic design), Hanáček (calli-graphy) and Hrabec (technology) and by Jiří Jaška and Karel Hofman (portrait and figural painting).

During studies he used to play and sing in a band named The Thorns (Bodláci), which was set at the mentioned high school in 1963. The band started in the Origo theatre in Reduta and was formed with P. Foltera, A. Babraj, R. Sacký, P. Rímský, Waldemiro "Mates" Miszák, Josef "Jogi" Kaloč and I. Světlík (the compere). In 1964 famous group The Manfred Mann came to the town to appear and The Thorns were its forerunners. Towards the end of the studies the group became well-known and was invited to a radio studio in Brno to make a recording of songs Honey, Nezbývá mi než ti dát sbohem (I can't choose but bid goodbye), Má loď se loudá (My boat is lingering) and V dětství míval jsem tě rád (In childhood I was loving you).

He was also invited to perform in Slovácké divadlo (theatre), where he used to play with his schoolmate A. Babraj in the performance for children named Komu kvetou slunečnice (To whom sunflowers bloom) directed by Josef Pala (part boy) and in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night Dream directed by Pavel Rímský senior (part elf).

Having finished studies he was called up to military service

after which he entered the advertising department of Národní dům (the National house - a cultural institution in Frýdek-Místek) as a graphic designer and started to play the music again, this time with a local band called Hammond, which some excellent musicians were acting in, such as L. Skuplík, B. Adámek, vocalist H. Huječek and vocalist as well as later movie actress J. GiergielováJana Giergielová (she acted e.g. in Prague's Semafor theatre). In 1981 a big band led by E. Šurman was founded in Místek, with which he was singing swing this time.

His free-form creation was exhibited in the Pod sovou (Beneath an owl) gallery, further in the Lev Bílek's book-shop, with his schoolmates within the exhibition "UH 62-66" as well as in Vyškov, where he introduced himself on the basis of an invitation from the local film-makers Radomír Jadomek and Libor Veselý, whose movies Malíř švestkových knedlíků (Painter of plum dumplings) and Vyškov v proměnách času (Transformation of Vyškov over time) enriched with his voice and drawings. His art work can also be seen on the Bolek Polívka's farm in the form of a painting named Mladý BoleslavMladý Boleslav, decorating the interior of the master's restaurant.

After 1989 request for some new logos has been appearing and he has been approached by large firms as well as tradesmen to design their trade marks. He has created logos such as ČSAD F-M, Lesostavby company, Národní dům, Stolárna club, project Psí útulek (dog shelter), Vanilla shop and other.